Health, Safety, and Environment


Our core values came from the humble beganning of the past, learned from what not to do and passed down through the generations!  

In SunRise Drilling, HSE is a core value and our culture is based on the following beliefs:
All HSE incidents can be prevented!
We continuously strive for to protect the People, Environment and Equipment!
We must protect the environment. Our assets and operations shall be; efficient in consuming energy and natural resources and have no undue environmental impact!
Health and Safety of people and the environment will never be compromised for other business activities. Our people must be accountable and personal responsibility for all HSE matters.
Employees not only have the right but the obligation to stop and correct all unsafe acts and conditions!
Employees, Customers, and Stakeholders will grow and prosper as we conduct our business and operate in a manner consistent with these aims and goals.  We shall strive to develop and maintain the SunRise Drilling HSE Culture!

We shall do the following:

  • Integrate HSE In all business processes
  • Develop and implement effective HSE management policies, processes, and systems.
  • Implement high HSE standards wherever and with all we do business.
  • Ensue line management leads by example and is accountable for their actions
  • Include HSE performance in the selection, appraisal, and reward of SunRise Drilling employees that take a proactive approach to HSE matters.
  • Develop and track “Leading” HSE Key Performance indicators
  • Apply a systemic and measurable approach to continually improve our HSE culture and performance
  • Openly communicate HSE Issues and performance.
  • Share and lean from within and use  external HSE best practices
  •  This is our Standards and SunRise drilling shall strive to meet each and every aspect of our safety standards, keeping our people and co-workers safe and free from harm, protecting the environment and providing a great working environment for our team, co-workers and clients