Health, Safety, and Environment


At SunRise Drilling, we are committed to an injury free-workplace – protecting the health and safety of all personnel and caring for the environment.

Our primary goal is to ensure that ‘nobody gets hurt’ whilst performing their job. Everyone at SunRise Drilling has their part to play in meeting our safety commitment.

The health and safety of our employees and their families, as well as our clients, vendors, and the public is one of our core values.  As part of our safety culture, we believe it is unacceptable for anyone to get injured at work, and we want our employees to take this culture home to their families and local communities.

Our vision is to create a future where living safe is the fabric of  our daily lives, building a future where everyone in the workplace is committed to, and recognizes the possibility of, working without incident or injury.

Shipyard Safety
Offshore Safety
Safety travelling to work

Our goal is a safe enviroment regardless where you work or travel!