Who We Are

SunRise Drilling has a team of seasoned professionals with a vast experience working with the Major Oil Companies.  Our Team has managed and operated land Drilling Rigs, offshore Jack-up Rigs, and DP Semi-Submersibles, Drillships, Barge Rigs in all water depths for the past 35 years.
Our experience level is second to none in today’s market.  Our team has delivered the highest Safety and Operational standards in the industry!  We will exceed the client’s expectations with our performance!

We have managed drilling operations on all continents of the globe!

We have managed land operations in Iraq under very adverts conditions, ultra-deep-water of the Gulf of Mexico, Mid water Drillships off the coast of China, Tender Barges Rigs and Jack-ups off the coast of West Africa, Indonesia and Malaysia.  Land Rigs in Iraq, Turkey, Canada and the US.

We have operated them safely, successfully and profitably.

We have a proven track record of providing a lower well construction cost for the Client which keep our rigs working.
We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards of honesty, integrity, and truth.  We will always manage the assets we are entrusted with to the highest standards.  This ensured the asset retains its value through the years.
We provide the highest level of visibility in our daily business.  Our accountants will provide accurate accounting and documentation to the investors, rig owners, and governmental authorities in a timely manner.  This ensures SunRise a long future in the Business.

SunRise Mission Vision statement:

Safety leadership is a requirement, there are no second chances
United in one goal, one vision, and one team
Natural strengths through a determined group will achieve the impossible
Respect for our people, clients, and the investors
Integrity Truth and Honesty in every aspect of our business
Strategic planning with a vision to safely succeed exceeding all expectations
Environmentally friendly company; making the world a better place for the future generations

Core Values

Safety – Safety and health of SunRise employees, clients, all others involved in our operations is our greatest responsibility.  We are Stewarts of our environment and we are demonstrate our commitment in protection of the environment, our company family, and client assets.

Ethics –SunRise Drilling will conduct its business professionally and with the highest order of ethics. This will manifest a high confidence level from both employees and clients.
Results – Continuous improvement of our SunRise Drilling operations is the key for SunRise Drilling to stay competitive in today’s dynamic market. We will stay committed to delivering innovative fit for purpose solutions to our client’s challenges.
Vision – Every decision made at SunRise Drilling will be made to ensure long-term growth of our SunRise Drilling, employees and our clients.
Inspiration – SunRise  Drilling is founded on the fundamental idea that proper motivation, enthusiasm, and a sound management philosophy will create a successful operational environment and SunRise Drilling.
Commitment – This is SunRise  Drilling’s trait of sincere and steadfast certainty of purpose.
Excellence (by Choice) – Every job is a self-portrait of the person or team that did it. The quest for excellence reflects SunRise’s desire to be greater today than we were yesterday.